Smoke Exchange

Smoke Exchange is one of the fastest growing advertising platform for Marijuana and cannabis related products. Smoke Exchange also stands first Digital advertising platform in the world for buying, selling ad space to Marijuana and Cannabis Industry.

ICO Funds
ICO Funds

In the past and current the Cannabis, Marijuana industry is banned on various advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Yahoo, Taboola, Outbrain, etc. For this reason sake had designed Smoking return marketing system where people can buy adspace in real-time public auction based bidding.

How To use Smoke Exchange site?

Smoking Return marketing site is completely different system in comparison to the other Advertising techniques and the cost is too efficient for promoters & more income for publishers because payment system is based on Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. The Smoke exchange system is already built with their own internal payment system of Dope Coin.

How to buy Advertising space on Smoke Exchange?

It’s easy and hassle free to buy Adspace using Ethereum or Dope coins, but they are going to add other Crypto currencies in the future. The transaction fee is too low so the marketer gets large marketing and publishers create more income.

Smoke Exchange Technique for performing business :

Smoke Exchange site is already hooked up with so many Marijuana industries and cannabis sites from all over the world.

Smoke Exchange make profits that come from revenue made by publishers as they are the main reasons for promoting and targeting Marijuana industries. Conversion tracking can be available for both publisher and advertiser to take extreme steps for future promotions. Both Advertisers and Publishers always get 10% bonus extra using Dope coin as payment system.

Smoke Exchange Graph system
Smoke Exchange Graph system

Investing in smoke exchange really make huge profits and get more benefits ROI. Smoke Exchange will launch Beta mode in First three months of 2018. The team of Smoke Exchange is more knowledgeable and trustworthy as the founder is well known member on Bitcointalk forums. The team is excellent because it had already developed Dope Coin Project with more than 3 years in experience.

Presently the ICO has started and already sold more than 84 thousnads SMX tokens in pre-sale with a total of 87 thousands SMX tokens were distributed to investors. The ICO ends on OCT 23, so buy early and get additional bonus for SMX tokens.

How to use Tokens for advertising?

Smoke Exchange is totally based on Internal currency system of SMX in Tokens for buying advertising credit.

Smoke Exchange Advertisement
Smoke Exchange Advertisement

Ill give an Example if you want to buy an Advertising worth $250 then you  could have two options.

  1. Purchase SMX tokens on the Smoke Exchange advertising site using #Ethereum, #Bitcoin or Dope coin.
  2.  Transfer SMX tokens worth of $250 for buying advertisement.

Publishers those who are publishing Smoke exchange ads will get paid in the Ethereum, Bitcoin from these payment systems you can be able to withdraw into your local currency.

About the Founder:

The founder is well known established member on Bitcoin talk forums and profile is here,  launched Dope coin in 2014 to establish transaction between marijuana companies and publishers since most of the Govt’s had prohibited these industries and also to have safe secure transaction.

Smoke Exchange APP
Smoke Exchange APP

About their Team :

Adam Howell  : CEO / Founder

Alexey Suhih : Blockchain developer

Daniel Lagman : Web Developer

Crofton Sacco : Lawyer

Keith Shingleton : Sales and Marketing

David Edwards : Community Manager

Silent Features of Smoke Exchange

  1. Advanced Targeting advertisement on the Cannabis site
  2. Suitable for Mobile and Desktop ads
  3. Bidding and statistics on Real time mode.
  4. Fast Service for Marijuana Industry
  5. Accepts only Crypto Currencies and Dope Coin
  6. Deposits or Payouts to publishers can be done in BTC, ETH Dope.
  7. Get 10% Bonus by using Dope coin as this is their own cryptocurrency.
  8. Weekly Payouts for Publishers
  9. Commissions on referring to others..
  10. More Cryptocurrencies will be added in future as long as they meet for requirement.
  11. Display Traffic, Popup, Banner Ads, Inline context ads

Smoke Exchange company details are as follows:

Official website:

Website    |    Whitepaper  |     Bitcointalk    |   Bounty  |  Twitter

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