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We all know about outsourcing and a lot of people from globally who are doing outsourcing tasks from their houses, workplaces or recreational areas, but here comes an issue when we take out our money from these outsourcing websites we will be billed more even by PayPal or other payment processor. During this time there are more outsourcing websites tried to start up their own transaction processor within their outsourcing site, but nothing has occurred.

What is Coinlancer?

Coinlancer is a outsourcing website that is Decentralized Blockchain based on Ethereum system where customer publish tasks and freelance employees can generate income. In the past outsourcing sites that have made numerous errors like prohibiting members, extreme charges for the employees, revocation of records, for some reason Coinlancer was released centered on the Blockchain system to bring better outsourcing, safe, protected profit green environment.

How does Coinlancer works?

This is the identical to any outsourcing, but some features are different in comparison to outsourcing that creates you register Coinlancer website. See below how Coinlancer meets your need, when, where to do.

  1. Client post the Job on Coinlancer site.
  2. Freelancer applies for the task.
  3. Client choose the right worker and then agrees with the freelancer.
  4. Client deposits funds using Ethereum as escrow in coinlancer.
  5. Freelancer delivers the project.
  6. Client approves or disapproves the project.
  7. If the project is correct provided by freelancer then the escrow amount is provided to the Freelancer.
How it works
How it works

Payments :

Coinlancer allows 20 plus Crypto foreign exchange such as Bitcoin and there are more than 5 payment processors where you can offer and buy tokens.

  1. HitBTC
  2. Changealy
  3. Wallet Partner
  4. Coinomi

This Coinlancer not only released on Public networking sites, but on Cointelegraph. TNW, NewsBTC, Cryptocoins, Coinspeaker and other well-known sites.

Coinlancer Team :

Lan Viner is the CEO from the United Kingdom who has vast experience in development,  growth of freelancing business and few others who are Charles Voltron, Rushabh Shah and Daval Parekh performing well with Coinlancer Project.

ICO Schedule and Road Maps

Coinlancer ICO
Coinlancer ICO

The pre-ICO has began on OCT Fourteenth and finished with effective and the Primary ICO is began on OCT Fourteenth and finishes at Dec Fifteenth. The main ICO had a Hardcap that need to achieve success for further shifting forward in outsourcing sites. Primary ICO has a lot of financing that is the primary reason for ongoing 2 months.

Coinlancer Executive Bonus

Coinlancer Executive Bonus
Coinlancer Executive Bonus

What is the main focus for job management agencies.

As a job control organization will get more freelance workers because of low huge discounts and they even can get rewards too, but what is important is smallest amount at a 3% of deal. Odesk that is removed freelance workers accounts, but here at Coinlancer your money will be never removed and can be renewed quickly also the transaction framework will completely a different.

Coinlancer ICO begins on Oct Fifteenth and leads to Fifteenth Dec during this time Coinlancer provides reward in buying of Coinlancer tokens. Why do you need to purchase during the ICO brings about providing to renegotiate deals and reward to Coinlancer wedding party.

The tokens can be sold again for a high price once they purchased or you can use for your own marketing on Coinlancer since it is like outsourcing web page, so you can seek the services of designers or employees who can meet your work. Coinlancer is a great site for getting outsourcing tasks where the deal fee stay continuous and keeps the information secure, compared with other outsourcing websites that expenses and violation the information in community.

One should participate in cL ICO because the price is low and you will get bonus of CL tokens, don’t miss this opportunity as you can trade this tokens for a higher value or post jobs in the Coinlancer website. The total token supply would be 300 million tokes, so grab some for your future use.

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