Coin Faucet for Ripple

Join this Coinfaucet as Ripple is one of the best fastest growing digital currency. you will make some good cash by joining this.

2714. ✔1 XRP = $0.3
2714. ✔CLAIM 1 XRP up to 1500 XRP ($300)

Here is the link for registration of CoinFaucet

Ripple is a payment protocol and a Crypto Currency created in 2012. Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple transactions are virtually immediate and transferred instantly without the need to wait for confirmations. XRP is is the code for the Ripple Crypto Currency and the market capitalization for Ripple is growing year over a year. Whilst XRP might not be as popular as Bitcoin – it is the only Crypto Currency that is centralized and if it ever becomes decentrazlied its price could skyrocket just like Bitcoin did over the past few years.

Coin lancer with Blockchain

Coin lancer with Blockchain

We all know about outsourcing and a lot of people from globally who are doing outsourcing tasks from their houses, workplaces or recreational areas, but here comes an issue when we take out our money from these outsourcing websites we will be billed more even by PayPal or other payment processor. During this time there are more outsourcing websites tried to start up their own transaction processor within their outsourcing site, but nothing has occurred.

What is Coinlancer?

Coinlancer is a outsourcing website that is Decentralized Blockchain based on Ethereum system where customer publish tasks and freelance employees can generate income. In the past outsourcing sites that have made numerous errors like prohibiting members, extreme charges for the employees, revocation of records, for some reason Coinlancer was released centered on the Blockchain system to bring better outsourcing, safe, protected profit green environment. Read more

Crypto Forums

Crypto Forums

Here are some of the Crypto related forums that are rated by people and listed according to the Alexa rank. You can also make money from most of the forums as they pay per post or you can sell signature space for other crypto related sites. Just spend some time on these forums and you will be on your way to make bunch of monies from them. Hope you find a great list and also we will be adding more forums in the future, if you find any forum please comment in the section along the link so Ill add it to the list here.

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Bitcoin Boomed above $7300

Bitcoin Boomed above $7300

Bitcoin is booming in the world with latest and highest price over $6500 for one bitcoin, it can reach $7000 in next 2 to 3 days as it is the next digital currency in the world.

China banned, Russia banned and Other spectaculars called bubble will be busted, but it proved nothing will be done.

People who holded Bitcoins can hold further more to increase their profits. I am too looking to hold my bitcoins and want to sell when the price is more than $25k. Bitcoin had changed so many people lifes in the past and present so join now and invest in Bitcoin for your children’s future.

Bitcoin reaches $7500
Bitcoin reaches $7500

Bitcoin has a bright future and it really brings huge profits for us a lot of people are investing and gaining more profits every month. Crypto currency investors and traders are really enjoying their life.